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Managing Diversity in the Workplace (Undergraduate)

Learn how to lead objectively and effectively while uncovering the benefits that diversity can have on your workforce. The certificate requires completion of three courses (9 credit hours):

  • Working Towards a Culture of Inclusion
  • Leading a Diverse Workforce
  • Creating Value from Diversity in the Workplace

Courses in this certificate include:

As organizations move toward inclusion as a means of leveraging diversity, it is imperative that employees understand the importance of inclusion, as well as the ways in which culture and identity influence our perceptions and behaviors in the workplace. Important skills include self- and cultural awareness, viewing issues from multiple perspectives, and managing bias.
An effective organization must create a culture which embraces diversity. Business leaders need to promote and communicate inclusive attitudes and policies in order to capitalize on a diverse labor force. Important skills include welcoming a pluralistic workforce, mentoring potential talents, evaluating performance objectively, and resolving cultural conflicts in the workplace.
Globalization has increased competitive pressures and opened up new opportunities. Organizations must monitor political, legal, economic, and demographic trends which can alter the workplace environment for entire industries. At the organizational level, leaders need to gauge the impact of diversity initiatives and adjust strategies appropriately based on evidence from established metrics.

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