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Degrees by Interest Area

Focus on Career Advancement

Bellevue University offers more than 50 bachelor’s degrees, more than 25 master’s degrees, and Certificates of Completion — all developed with your career-advancement in mind.

You may know which learning program you need to help you reach your career goals. If you want some advice, or to discuss your goals, our professional Enrollment Counselors stand ready to help you. Be sure to ask how accelerated degree completion works.

Whichever degree program you choose, you can be sure that you'll get the rich and relevant knowledge and skills employers want you to have today.

Bachelor’s Degrees

Bellevue University career-relevant bachelor's degrees build your success in three ways:

  1. Professional Networking
    When you enroll, you join a group of motivated professionals like you; people on the same degree track who go through the entire program course-by-course with you. You share experiences and perspectives with them — and you form professional bonds.
  2. Success Prep
    The foundation of these degrees is a course that gives you essential skills for academic and professional success.
  3. Career Growth
    Professionals in the industry support our design and development of our degree majors, so they stay current and relevant to career growth.

Master’s Degrees

Mastery of your field is required for advancement. That's what master's degrees are all about. They demonstrate focus and competency in a professional area and show the world that you are an expert.

Your Experience Counts

Bellevue University welcomes the college-level learning you already have and will count it toward your degree. Take advantage of the credits you have. Save time and money.

Real Learning for Real Life

Tracy Zamora graduated from Bellevue University through her employer's partnership with Bellevue University. Now, she directly applies the knowledge and skills she earned from her BS in Behavioral Science to her role. Her colleagues notice and she's their go-to for advice.

Certificates of Completion enhance your knowledge is specific areas — and earn college credit, too.

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