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Health and Human Performance

Bachelor of Science Degree

Through this degree you will learn how to analyze performance and make recommendations for improvements in health, physical fitness, training, and coaching. A coaching emphasis option is available if you wish to further expand your expertise in athletic coaching. The degree combines principles and practices of physical performance and healthy lifestyles, and you gain an educational foundation in nutrition, exercise science, health, physical education, and recreation.

As you go through the program you will be exposed to various career paths within the health, fitness, and athletic fields such as wellness, personal training, and coaching. While finishing your degree, you will participate in an internship which provides an opportunity to gain experiences that will be of assistance as you enter these fields.

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Courses in the major include:

This course provides an overview of the health and human performance field. Elements related to physical activity, such as fitness, sport, and physical education are examined. An introduction to various career opportunities within the health and human performance industry is provided, along with an opportunity to explore those careers further through off-campus experiences.
This course provides students with an understanding of how the human body responds to exercise and exercise programs. Emphasis will be placed on the basic physiological mechanisms to exercise and the training adaptations that occur to the human body, the role of nutrition on human performance and the health benefits of exercise and training across the life span. Students will have the opportunity to apply effective exercise physiological concepts to develop an exercise prescription. Prerequisite: HHP230 or BI201
This course explores the dynamics of human movement in an active setting. Opportunities to apply this knowledge to specific physical movements are included. Prerequisite: HHP230 or BI201
This course is designed to develop the understanding, attitudes, and practices that contribute to better individual and community health.
This course focuses on the use of exercise physiology and motor learning concepts to manage fitness plans and goals. The use of proper exercise techniques, nutrition, and energy systems for maximizing performance is examined. Emphasis is placed on the use of assessments and program design to optimize performance. Opportunities to learn standards for the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA) are included. Prerequisite: HHP230 or BI201, HHP310, and HHP350

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