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Professional Retail Management

Bachelor of Science Degree

The business of retail is changing, and it's more complex than ever. The Bachelor of Science in Professional Retail Management covers the most recent and most in-depth knowledge of the profession, giving you a strong foundation in retail management - so you're prepared to lead in a variety of retail career areas. You will become an expert in the complexities involved in managing a retail business and all the factors that affect success.

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Courses in the major include:

In this course, you'll explore how retailing works and the role of retail manager. Emphasis is placed on the importance of competitive edge and areas of accountability required to be successful in retail management.
In this course, you'll analyze the processes of receiving, presenting and maintaining merchandise, including various techniques for merchandising the sale floor and the impact of visual merchandising.
Analyze and compare store financial reports to assess company performance. Use this data to examine how to improve sales for the department, store and company.
Examine service and selling models and approaches for impacting sales and customer satisfaction. Apply the principles of retail leadership to effectively lead a sales and service team.
People are at the heart of retail operations. This course prepares you to manage your people with principles of identifying, hiring and retaining talented associates.
Apply systems, policies and procedures that support store operations and contribute to a well-run store. Operations include all the actions and tasks that are taken to assure the customer has a comfortable and safe place to shop.
Learn how to read and analyze store financial reports in order to assess department, store and company performance, respond to results and direct appropriate action to drive sales.
Learn the factors that influence the development of a retail strategy, including product resources and development, and product assortment and merchandising.
You will go into detail about core merchant concepts and principles and review each step of the buying process - from initial planning stage to when the product is sold in the stores.
Learn how to analyze and respond to performance of the retail business over a two-year business period, including strategy development, sales results, identifying risks and opportunities and making good business decisions.
Every day you deal with a diverse group of people who can impact your success as a manager. You will learn foundational communication skills and how to apply them with direct reports, internal business partners, vendors, and customers. You'll also learn how to present ideas and solutions for business presentations.
Today retail leaders must use a dynamic approach to inspire and engage employees and achieve business results. Learn and build skills in essential leadership areas including self-management, identifying priorities, acquiring and retaining talent, setting expectations, and encouraging superior performance during good and challenging times.

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