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Bellevue University

The LEADER in Adult Learning

You're a busy, working adult who knows the value a college degree can bring to your life — better earning potential, more promotion opportunities, and a great sense of satisfaction in your accomplishment.

Bellevue University makes it possible for you to earn your degree while working by giving you all this:

  • Deep, Current, Career-Relevant Knowledge
    Taking the lead today requires mastery of knowledge of the field. Bellevue University offers more than 50 bachelor's degrees and nearly 30 master's degrees — all created with leading industry input and developed to apply to today's career challenges. Our graduates tell us they were able to apply what they learned real-time to their jobs at work.
  • Powerful Professional Skills
    Today employers are looking for more than subject expertise. They promote people who know how to solve problems, make good decisions, work in teams, and communicate effectively. That's why Bellevue University infuses these critical professional skills into our degree programs. These skills give our graduates the ability to take the lead...and it shows in the number who get promoted after graduation.
  • The Most Generous Credit Transfer Policy Available
    We know working adults gain important knowledge and experience along the way, and we give you many ways to gain credit for that. These include previous college credits, evaluated corporate training programs, and for-credit examinations. We even give you a way to document work experience that can be evaluated for college credit. And, Bellevue University has the most open credit transfer policy for associate's degrees in the nation. If you have an associate's degree, you start with significant credit toward your bachelor's degree at Bellevue University. We do all this to acknowledge what you know — and save you time and money.
  • A Pioneer in Active Learning — in Class and Online
    Fifty years ago, Bellevue University pioneered a new way to learn. Called active learning, it gave students the requirement and ability to actively practice application of what they were learning to the challenges they faced every day. We were among the first to take active learning online. So, regardless of when or where you attend class, you receive the same, highly-effective learning program that has resulted in increased competence, confidence, and success for our graduates around the globe.

Bellevue University degree programs have been evaluated for their impact on corporate careers and success and have been found to make a real difference in corporate goals, individual careers and personal success.

Non-Profit, Student-Centered

As a private, non-profit university, Bellevue University's focus is on students and their success. We are entirely tuition supported and that means we rely on the value our students gain from their learning experiences with us.

Our goal is to give all students the foundation they need to feel empowered, inspired, and fulfilled, and to help them acquire broader, deeper knowledge, new skills, and academic credentials. Our growth and success over the years tells us we do that quite well. We want to do that for you.

Real Learning for Real Life

It means learning that you need and can apply immediately to gain knowledge, confidence, skills, and success. That is what Bellevue University is about and why they are consistently ranked among the top universities nationwide for adult learners.

Student Support

Letty Smith's concerns associated with going back to school were eased with the smooth enrollment process offered by Bellevue University. She spoke with her team of advisors and was paired with a Student Coach to guide her through her journey to earn her bachelor's degree in Business.

There's no doubt a bachelor's degree is the best route to success today.

Study after study shows that a bachelor's degree has a direct positive impact on earning potential and job satisfaction. According to the National Center for Education Statistics, adults with a bachelor's degree are likely to earn up to 84% more than those who stopped with a high school diploma — a difference that can equal more than a million dollars over a lifetime of work.

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